Bath And Brush

Is your dog a little bit smelly? Some breeds don't need a trim, just a bath and brush. Let one of our professionals do all the work for you.  Bath and Brush $25-$60 depending on dog size and if they require pest removal or special services. B&B also includes expressing anal glands and nail trim. Add Furmenator to reduce shedding for $5-$10 per pet.

Nail Trim

Indoor pets that are not exercised frequently must have their nails trimmed. We can take the hassle out of Nail Trimming for just $10-20 per pet.


Whether your pet needs a simple trim or a teddy bear cut, our experienced professsional groomers will have them looking great. We groom all breeds and types and some of our groomers specialize in specific breeds like Wheatons, Standard Poodles, Yorkies, Cocker Spaniels, etc. Also, our grooming includes expressing the anal glands, ear cleaning, and trimming their nails.

Small dogs $55-$60

Medium $60-$65

Large $65-$70

X-Large $75 and Up

Cat Grooming $80-$90 

Note: additional charges for aggressive dogs or severely matted pets